Transportation Camp DC 2020 Takeaways

Earlier this month, I attended Transportation Camp DC- a one-day “unconference” held before the annual TRB gathering. It’s what happens when more than 500 professional transportation nerds come together to discuss their shared passion. In other words, it’s awesome :). Here are my takeaways. Data sharing Cities, private mobility operators and other interested parties (e.g. the … Continue reading Transportation Camp DC 2020 Takeaways

Micromobility Conference 2019 learnings

Last Thursday, I attended the Micromobility Conference in Richmond, CA, organized by Horace Dediu and James Gross. The event proved to be full of optimism, creativity and a few overly bold claims (Richmond is just across the bay from Silicon Valley after all :). Here are five of my takeaways. For the uninitiated- what’s micromobility? It’s … Continue reading Micromobility Conference 2019 learnings