Transportation Camp DC 2020 Takeaways

Earlier this month, I attended Transportation Camp DC- a one-day “unconference” held before the annual TRB gathering. It’s what happens when more than 500 professional transportation nerds come together to discuss their shared passion. In other words, it’s awesome :). Here are my takeaways. Data sharing Cities, private mobility operators and other interested parties (e.g. the … Continue reading Transportation Camp DC 2020 Takeaways

On the Origin of Scooters

By Michal Naka and Stephen Lambe “We’re building a custom micromobility vehicle and raised more money.” Sound familiar? Micromobility operator announcements have been converging lately. But what does “custom” really mean? Not all are created equal, and an evolution in hardware strategy is underway. We propose lightweight electric vehicles, like e-scooters and e-bikes, can be … Continue reading On the Origin of Scooters

Micromobility Conference 2019 learnings

Last Thursday, I attended the Micromobility Conference in Richmond, CA, organized by Horace Dediu and James Gross. The event proved to be full of optimism, creativity and a few overly bold claims (Richmond is just across the bay from Silicon Valley after all :). Here are five of my takeaways. For the uninitiated- what’s micromobility? It’s … Continue reading Micromobility Conference 2019 learnings